News Flash! Special Coming Up on the Fifth Plane of 9-11-01


There is an interesting tmz special coming up on March 20th about a possible fifth hijacked plane on 9/11/01. The Fox show hopes to present the facts that have been rumored about, but never acknowledged officially

Investigators believe there was a fifth plane. But it wasn’t set to take off until 9 am. It was on the runway when the first hijacked plane crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03. All air traffic was stopped at 9:08, possibly saving a fifth plane.

Evidence includes a hatch left open in the first class section. They found a box cutter in a plane parked next to it. Some investigators believe it was meant for the fifth plane. The tail numbers were almost the same.

We’ve heard this before. Some reports said that four young Arab passengers jumped off the plane. Allegedly, after that, box cutters and Al Qaeda documents were found in their abandoned bags.

In 2004, the NY Times said an independent commission reported the plan was for ten hijacked planes.

“Some of the 9/11 terrorist plans, the commission staff said, called for the hijacked jets to be crashed into the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency, various nuclear power plants, and skyscrapers in California and Washington State, a captured leader of Al Qaeda, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, has told interrogators.”

A watchdog site wrote last September:

There is evidence that more attacks were planned. For example, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, U.S. Department of Justice officials told reporters that agents conducting security sweeps had found box-cutter knives – like those known to have been carried by the 9/11 hijackers – on two Delta passenger jets also scheduled to fly on Sept. 11th. At the time, it was not known how the box-cutters got there, and the matter quickly faded away.

But a Sept. 24, 2001 FBI report made public in March said a box-cutter was found under the seat of an American Airlines plane that flew from San Diego to JFK, as Flight 160, and back again on September 10. The jetliner was scheduled to fly to JFK again on 9/11 but never left San Diego because of the shut down of the nation’s airports. Agents who investigated determined the seat on Flight 160 “was occupied by NAME REDACTED, one of the 13 Saudi Arabian pilots previously reported on by San Diego (FBI).” At the time of the report, the FBI had not yet identified the occupant of the seat on the return flight on 9/10.

Saudi Arabia’s role has been a point of contention, and the entire story of 9/11 has not been fully told. TMZ hopes to add more facts. TMZ is a celebrity tabloid, so we’ll see how well they do. It is important to not forget, especially since we have millions of anonymous people pouring into our nation. 9/11 was a success with 19 hijackers, perhaps a few more we didn’t know about. We now have millions who come from all over the world and we don’t know who they are.


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