‘News’ media makes up scenarios about Republicans colluding with Russia


After the reports out of the intel community that Putin is denigrating Biden and that China and Iran do NOT want Trump as President, the crazy media decided to speculate about GOP-Russia collusion. In other words, they are making up stuff.

After trying for years to prove Russia and Trump colluded to cost Hillary the election — since disproven — it turned out there was a coup by Democrats to turn over the election.

If you ever say anything speculative about Biden or his sketchy son they flip out. Schumer and Pelosi constantly lie. The media run chyrons at the same time about “baseless” accusations and claim Republicans and Trump are smearing Biden.

However, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, they say Republicans are working with Russia to get Biden.

It’s amazing how Democrats can keep the lies up after executing a coup.


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David Andres
David Andres
3 years ago

UnReal, these democrats have no other way to go with themselves other then Russia! There is nobody but Joe Biden taken down Joe Biden!