News Orgs Found Suspension “Chilling,” And They’re Baaaack!


Semafor reports that news organizations are “scrambling to respond to Elon Musk’s suspension from Twitter of prominent journalists…” Semafor says it’s because Musk objected to their comments. However, Musk said they violated his doxing policy. Aaron Rupar, a suspended journalist said, it has a “chilling effect.”

On Thursday, Twitter suspended CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, the New York Times’ Ryan Mac, and the Washington Post’s Drew Harwell, as well as liberal commentator Keith Olbermann and reporters from Mashable and the Intercept. Aaron Rupar, a one-man plague on the Right, was also suspended.

This is the Semafor comment you need to see:

The New York Times released a statement Thursday evening calling the move “questionable and unfortunate” and called for the tech company to offer an explanation about the suspension. Privately on Friday, the paper’s leadership asked staff not to fight with Musk on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the news organizations aren’t sure whom to call to mediate the conflict. A CNN staffer told Semafor that network executives scrambled last night to reach Twitter after O’Sullivan was suspended, but almost all of the network’s previous contacts at the company had been fired or resigned.

As Paul Joseph Watson said, they’re losing their backdoor lobbyists. Actually, they’re losing their bullies and propagandists. The agents, trust & safety bullies and propagandists are either gone or exposed.

Aaron Rupar is one of the suspended journalists, who has made a career of trying to get conservatives banned.

Rupar appeared on Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s All In to discuss his suspension from Twitter the previous night.

Aaron said, being serious [bold is mine]:

“I’ve been led to believe that the ban is temporary and that at some point will be reinstated,” he said.

Aaron concluded the suspensions may have a “chilling effect” and may give journalists pause before they post about Musk.

“I think that the other thing that’s important to note here is that this will very likely have a chilling effect on coverage of Musk,” he stated. “I’ve done a couple newsletter articles being critical of him and reporters who have been critical of him in the course of the reporting were among those banned. And now we’re gonna have to think twice if our accounts are reinstated before we post something that’s critical of him or even just down-the-middle reporting that could be construed as being critical of Twitter.”

What does Aaron think he and his pals have done to anyone who disagrees with them? Welcome to our world.

The media are trying to say he’s suspending people who criticize him, but Musk told them to “criticize him all day long.” What they can’t do is violate the doxing rule, and they all did.

In any case, he ran a poll, and the people spoke. They are now un-suspended. They don’t have to wait seven days.

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