McConnell’s Omnibus Betrayal: “Republicans Are Emasculated”


According to Larry Kudlow, Mitch McConnell and his handful of RINOs betrayed the incoming Republican House with the Omnibus bill. Additionally, the military was somewhat betrayed by the same crew. Mitch-ites are using the fear of a shut down as an excuse. Politicians are supposed to pass a budget and live within it. They don’t do that any longer.

In the first clip, Rand Paul discusses the can-kicking of the Omnibus and the “lie” that Republicans are fiscally responsible. He said, “Republicans are emasculated.”

Larry Kudlow discussed the $1.7T inflation omnibus with Tucker. Kudlow said that because Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership are going along with the Omnibus, it is a betrayal of the House and Kevin McCarthy

It cuts off limits to Democrat spending for almost a year.

This maintains the status quo. It will spend another $150 billion to $200 billion on top of the other spending. The bill might drive the feds to get tougher and increase inflation. We’ll wind up with worse inflation. “It’s so undemocratic,” Kudlow said.

Rand Paul was on Kudlow’s show recently. He said Republicans have given up the power of the purse, completely emasculated the Republican Party, and won’t even give the House a chance.

By the way, Kudlow said, there are “tons of earmarks…by senators who are retiring.”


The omnibus bill that Senator Mitch McConnell supports is enormous and puts through many of the Democrat far-left pet projects. It lasts into next year, preventing the incoming Republican House from exercising the power of the purse, especially over the open border. McConnell is incapacitating the House for nearly a year.

But that is the point, isn’t it?

They’re going to ram a $1.7 trillion Democrat bill through during a lame-duck session. That isn’t what a lame-duck session is for when there is an incoming Congress.

This bill will cause more inflation.

Mitch McConnell and his RINOs are betraying the party and the Americans who voted for them. Chip Roy blasted them:

Even more ridiculous, Joe Biden thinks he’s Ronald Reagan.


Four Republican senators betrayed our military and voted with Democrats to reject an amendment to a massive defense authorization package. The proposal would have reinstated troops discharged for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. Here they are:

  • Mitt Romney
  • Susan Collins
  • Bill Cassidy
  • Mike Rounds

The proposal was defeated 54 to 40.

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