News…UK to Mandate Voter ID


Last week, France banned mail-in ballots and voting machines. It was in response to our allegedly perfect, untainted election.

We now find out that the UK will introduce a bill to mandate voter ID. The predictable Leftists in the UK are calling it voter suppression. They all use the same prayer book.

Boris Johnson prepares to introduce voter ID laws in the UK. At the same time, US activist groups such as the ACLU have spoken out against the proposal, comparing its proponents to Donald Trump and warning it would “suppress the vote.”

Johnson is expected to introduce a bill this spring mandating photo ID at polling stations across the UK – a Conservative Party campaign promise during the 2019 General Election. While Northern Ireland, like the Irish Republic, already requires voters to prove their identity, the rest of the UK has thus far only asked them to confirm their name and address.

Johnson is accused of mimicking Donald Trump.

The usual communists, the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Common Cause all told the Guardian that voter ID laws would exclude vulnerable voters.

It will exclude ineligible voters and that’s what they really care about.

Meanwhile, in the USA, Nancy Pelosi is determined to corrupt our vote with HR1 or something similar.

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