Newsmax’s scathing review of the ridiculously unlikely Biden win, making Fox look worse


Greg Kelly at Newsmax gave a blistering monologue about Joe Biden’s unlikely win on November 3rd. It’s a great summary and makes it so clear that something went very wrong this election.

The corrupt mail-in voting, dropboxes, and ballot harvesting were responsible in all likelihood.

Fox News backstabbed Trump supporters by corrupting the calls Election night and since.

The now-schizoid network brushed off the obvious abnormalities in the election process. They were the first to call Biden “President-Elect.” Not only is that fake news, but it’s also a slap in the face to their viewers, their loyal customers who made them what they are.

You can’t even watch Fox News during the day, especially on weekends. There are some indications that even the conservative night hosts are under control by the suits.

More unlikely events on this link.


Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most-watched show in cable news last week, delivering a total prime time audience of 4.2 million viewers. Hannity was next at 3.7 million viewers, and they won primetime.

However, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a ratings blip on the Friday before last, losing to a John Berman-hosted version of Anderson Cooper 360 in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

Among the 25-54 demographic, CNN came in first, followed by Fox.

CNN won total day ratings. It could be because Fox’s day shows are horrible with Democrats on constantly for the most part. Fox will lose their followers and what leftists really want to watch them? Fox News just promoted cheating liar Donna Brazile to interim news director.

By watching the night shows, you are helping them fund their leftist news during the day. We stopped watching and only watch youtube clips.

We don’t get OANN here, but we get Newsmax and watch that. We also go online.

Fox betrayed the right. They are leftists. Fox is over for the right. It’s dying a slow, planned death, hoping to twist its followers’ thinking and take them along.

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