Stealth Green New Deal in NY! You will not own a car in the future!


Stealth Green New Deals are being slipped into bills in red and purple states despite the wishes of the people.

Daniel Turner, executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit group that advocates for U.S. energy jobs, warned back in May 2019 that we are being distracted by the antics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The eco-groups are working covertly and succeeded at the time in implementing their Green New Deal in New Mexico. The same can happen in every state.

The NM law is called the “Energy Transition Act,” and that is exactly what it is. They are transitioning from fossil fuels to alternative energy with its blackouts and brownouts.

“The eco-extremists get friendly with left-leaning state legislators and governors, most of whom they financially backed in the past election, to do their dirty work,” he said.

While everyone’s watching AOC, no one is reporting about the bad laws passed in secret. Turner warned that the New Mexico law was “essentially a hidden carbon tax and will threaten the jobs of thousands of energy workers, raise utility rates, cut state revenue, and make green energy companies rich at the taxpayers’ expense.”

These groups rebranded ‘carbon tax’ as ‘renewable energy mandates,’ and the goal is to end fossil fuels.


In Sept 2019, authoritarian Andrew Yang stated that the “clear” goal is to keep us from owning “our own cars.” Some people thought he was just talking off the top of his head, but that was not the case. We have learned since then that these authoritarian Democrats are profoundly serious. 

While Yang sounded nuts at the time, that’s not the case now. There are states and countries (CA, NY, NJ, QUEBEC, UK) moving ahead with their own green new deal legislation, which would make car ownership more expensive and more difficult. The idea is to keep people from owning a car.

California announced a ban on the sale of new gas-powered vehicles from 2035 on September 23. Two days later (was this a coincidence, or was N.Y. waiting for CA to go first?), New York state senator Pete Harckham from the Hudson Valley introduced a bill requiring all of New York State’s sales of new cars to be zero emissions by 2035 (trucks later).

Click this link to the press release.

It feels like the fix is in, and this will happen without any real input from New York citizens. It looks like this bill would pass since nineteen declared leftists or socialists just won seats in the New York State legislature. There is now a Democratic Party supermajority.

How would the average family in New York own two expensive electric cars? Many don’t have two-car garages, and many families with older teenagers have three cars in the family.  One could just see an elderly person in Buffalo saying, ‘There is a blizzard outside with four feet of snow, and I can’t plug in my electric car in the driveway!’

In deep-blue states, conservatives need help spreading common sense to combat utopian visions.  We don’t want to live in the economic equivalent of Vichy France. 

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

It feels like the fix is in, and this will happen without any real input from New York citizens.
It will be if the voters don’t vote the Democrats out. And if they don’t, I’ll be driving my truck and 2 cars with more to come and laughing at the idiots. And New Yorkers, New Jersey citizens and Californians, stay home and wallow in your own swill. Stay out of my state because all you you screw up everything you touch.

‘There is a blizzard outside with four feet of snow, and I can’t plug in my electric car in the driveway!’
And guess what else. Your sissified electric POS has much reduced range when it gets cold so you can’t get far even if the roads are clear of snow. And along with all the other thinking people, I’m just laughing at you chumps.

Highway to Aquarius
Highway to Aquarius
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

Once in a snowstorm one of the unicorn fart mobiles passed me up in an SUV that went to the moon and back (200k+ miles), further down the road it was in the ditch and I just kept on rolling.
Virtue signallers can tweet for help or have the media declare that all is well.
There will be great comedy value and nose rubbing in fundamental transformation if Kamal gets across the line.

darla martin
darla martin
2 years ago

Does anyone need any more proof that the Left is insane and hates the USA ? I know the small ranchers in my state will never afford the cost of an electric pickup to haul hay in or cattle to the sale barn. there are no subways or even bus service where i live so hopefully my state will remain red at least until i die.

This Beat Is Military
This Beat Is Military
2 years ago

Read yesterday that California and Illinois have the most black/brown outs due to foolish true believer legislation designed to eliminate fossil fuels.
The forces of evil are anti-life and energy is the key to life. Plan accordingly.