Newsom Wants to Use TX Heartbeat Act to Limit the 2nd Amendment


The AP reports that Gavin Newsom plans to cite the authority used by lawmakers in Texas for the Heartbeat Act to ban so-called assault-style weapons.

California has banned the manufacture and sale of many assault-style weapons for decades. A federal judge overturned that ban in June, ruling it was unconstitutional. The ban is in place while they appeal.

Texas Republicans passed a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected at about six weeks into pregnancy. It allows private citizens to enforce the ban by suing abortion clinics and anyone who “aids and abets” the abortion.

The Supreme Court allowed it to remain in effect for now.

Newsom’s angry and said he will follow the Texas law and tell his staff to work with the state legislature and the AG to allow private citizens to sue to enforce Cali’s ban on assault weapons up to $10,000 per violation and attorney’s fees and costs.

This is madness. The 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution. Abortion isn’t.

Jonathan Turley said it won’t work. He explained why — it’s unconstitutional. He told him, “Good luck with that.”

As Turley said, he’ll make a big hit on Cable.

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