Potential Upcoming DEF Shortage Could Spell Disaster


More on the DEF shortage (diesel exhaust fluid), aka AdBlue.

Australians are very concerned about agriculture, mining, and transport industries as they face a potential crisis over a global exhaust fluid shortage that threatens to bring the nation’s diesel engines to a halt. It should come to a head by summer, Investment Watch reports.

The world faces a major shortage of a key ingredient in diesel fuel.

The crucial ingredient in question is urea, which helps to reduce emissions – a mandatory requirement of many diesel vehicles, including both trucks and private vehicles.

It’s another potential disaster in the supply chain. Since most DEF is produced in China, and they are withholding supply, we can guess that they are trying to weaken their enemies in the West.

Australia stops without it and the CCP did promise to get even with them for calling for a probe of the origin of coronavirus and ties to China.

The US will have problems without it too and it’s likely coming here.



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Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear
5 months ago

How about that globalism!
Removing all firewalls so that any economic contagions spread and destined to build the golden global Coviet Wakanda paradise.
A shortage over here a shortage over there, more for us less for you serf taxable unit.
Forward! Yes we can!

Jay Whitcraft
Jay Whitcraft
5 months ago

Simple solution, just reprogram the engines not to derate and limit speed to 3 miles per hour without DEF. This could be very easily done with NO SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in exhaust emissions! Worked on trucks for 38 years, we don’t need this crap in the first place. The “soot trap” does not use DEF. Jay

5 months ago

I wonder how many trucks with old engines still exist? I suspect a great many. Reverting to the old may be the saving grace. Gotta get old school trained mechanics back in the field. The later model trucks I drove before DEF did not spew smoke. And a good driver can use finesse to keep the engine from smoking.