Newsom will give tax dollars to millions of people here illegally


Far-far-left Governor Gavin Newsom plans to establish a $125 million fund of tax dollars and charitable donations so he can give free money to people who broke our laws.

There are about 2 or 3 million illegal aliens in California.

The plan, which would use a mix of taxpayer money and charitable donations from corporations and philanthropists, will give 150,000 adults $500 each during the coronavirus outbreak, the governor said.

“We feel a deep sense of gratitude for people that are in fear of deportations that are still addressing essential needs of tens of millions of Californians,” said Newsom, a Democrat, who noted 10 percent of the state’s workforce consisted of immigrants living in the country illegally who paid over $2.5 billion in state and local taxes last year.

Seventy-five million dollars will come from taxpayers.

Newsom said the money will not be distributed based on income. “Their personal information will not be required to get those support,” he added.

Washington’s tourism arm announced that it will include $5 million specifically for illegal immigrants who had been left out of employment benefits and other forms of assistance, The Washington Post reported.

These far-left officials are encouraging people who break our laws to feed off the system. The officials are breaking our laws freely with no pushback and destroying our system of immigration.They are lawless.

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