Newsom’s banning fracking in 2024! He’ll leach off the oil-producing states


Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday took action to ban new permits for hydraulic fracturing starting in 2024.

California is going to leach off the rest of the oil-producing states for their energy needs. If Biden keeps destroying the industry, he can get it from our dear friends, the CCP.

Apparently, he wants more brownouts and blackouts.

This approach has worked so well with their electrical grid so far.  Newsom’s announcement comes as a recall campaign against him appears close to qualifying for the ballot and is a reversal from the governor’s previous statements that he lacked the executive authority to ban hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, the LA Times reports.

The statewide ban on new fracking permits will be imposed administratively in 2024 by the state Department of Conservation, which regulates California’s oil and gas industry, giving the agency time to draft the new mandate.

Newsom is asking the California Air Resources Board to analyze how to end all oil extraction in the state by 2045. The governor’s office said that plan would dovetail with California’s effort to achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality by 2045, including Newsom’s call to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in the state by 2035.

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Choom Bong Czar
Choom Bong Czar
2 years ago

I’m surprised it took this long for the productive states to bail out the too big to fail states as part of the socialist unity.
Two thumbs up to any who disengage from a corrupt third world turd banana republic and get by on less just to spite the tax and spend burn it all down system.

2 years ago

I’ve been telling people for decades that Liberals were crazy and people wouldn’t believe me. Now they aren’t just crazy, they have power and are dangerous.