Sex offenders coming in to one sector illegally are up 2,000%


The number of sex offenders coming into the country illegally in the Del Rio sector is up 2,000 percent.

Thank Joe Biden. He did say he wanted diversity.

Yesterday, Fox News’s Neil Cavuto interviewed Sheriff Skero who works the Del Rio sector.

NEIL CAVUTO: “That’s incredible. Chief, let me ask you, though, is it — you hear reports out of those sympathetic with the administration’s point of view here that that is beginning to slow down, that in the last week or two — I don’t know if stabilized is the right word, but that it isn’t as bad as it was. You would know better than anyone. What can you tell us?”

SKERO: “I have not experienced that here in the Del Rio Sector. Our numbers are actually increasing. In the past 30 days alone, we’ve intercepted over 340 alien smuggling cases. So these are cases where — undocumented migrants, excuse me, are moving through the country, concealed in motor vehicles, concealed in trucks, semi-trailers, concealed in the floorboard of trailers. We’ve actually had some imagery of that out there.

We have seen an increase in high-speed pursuits through our neighboring counties, through our local county here, Val Verde County. Those pursuits are up 117 percent so far this year. The number of sex offenders that we have arrested within these groups of individuals is up significantly, over 2,000 percent. So we have actually seen an increase.

And as you saw earlier, we released some footage of a rescue we had of two young migrant children on the border. Some of these situations can become very, very dire for these folks crossing the river.”


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