Newsom’s bills allow 12-year-olds to get abortions without parental permission


California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed bills AB 1356 and AB1184 will allow children as young as 12 years to get abortions without parental authorization beforehand.

Under the guise of privacy, Newsom cuts out parents in this important procedure. It will be a real plus for child sex traffickers.

“California has been a leader in protecting access to sexual and reproductive rights, but as we’ve seen recently with unprecedented attacks on these rights, we can and must do more,” Newsom declared in his statement.

“I applaud the establishment of the California Future of Abortion Council and look forward to its important work to advance our state’s leadership on this vital issue. I’m proud today to sign these two bills that demonstrate our dedication to strengthening and further protecting access to reproductive health care services in California,” he declared.

Bill AB 1356 criminalizes anyone photographing patients or providers within 100 feet of a reproductive health services facility. AB 1184 keeps patient information secret if they aren’t policyholders – including children.

Services kept confidential include “reproductive health care and gender-affirming care,” according to Newsom’s statement.

However, for now, parental permission is still required for gender-transforming surgery.

Abortions are not healthcare.

AB-1184 blocks health insurers from requiring authorization from a child’s parent(s) to get an abortion. The bill makes it illegal for any communications, information, or receipts to be divulged to the parents unless the child gives their authorization beforehand.


Newsom complained of “what is going on in this country today” and made note of Texas’s Heartbeat Act.

He also complained that Donald Trump hired federal judges who were white and conservative who are united “against the principles” they stand for. Why mention ‘white?’ Newsom’s comments are very gratuitous and racist.

“These are dark days. I don’t think one can understate the consequential nature of the moment that we are living in,” Newsom insisted. “It becomes of outsized importance that California asserts itself.”

There are only nine Republican members in the California Senate and they don’t have a voice, although they objected to parents not being involved. It also means policyholders are responsible for procedures they did not approve.



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