Biden shares his dark vision of America and our Marxist future


Joe Biden fundamentally transformed us from a nation that regards all men as created equal under God to a nation that regards the US as an evil nation that must institute restorative justice or equity. In our new equitable nation, the government makes up for all our past sins with the funds from white taxpayers. There is no equality because some people are favored.

Biden banned Trump’s 1776 commission and in doing so, he rejected the very Founding of our nation. At the same time, he’s telling Americans the story of our Founding is filled with “ignorance and lies.”

He has reinstituted the very dangerous, unAmerican critical race theory to brainwash employees.

This half-witted poser rejected the meritocracy in favor of Marxism. He said, “We’ve never fully lived up to the founding principles of this nation, to state the obvious. … We bought the view that America is a zero-sum game … If you succeed, I fail. If you get ahead, I fall behind. … Maybe worse of all, if I hold you down, I lift myself up.”

His dark vision of America is straight out of the ideology of the late communist Howard Zinn. Zinn’s view of our Founding was that our nation was evil. His heroes were Castro, Sandanistas, Mao, and others.


He’s going full Marxist here:



  1. Biden, You may have not lived up to the founding principals of this country but my family has with hard work, servitude, loyalty, patriotism, sacrifice and love of country. so maybe you and your family of miscreants need to leave this great country. God bless America

  2. The Wrath will be legendary. The Big Steal and that emetic display of prayers and enemedia toadies bootlicking “our papa” has reached the cosmos.
    Judgement will be in disguise for the RED blood thirsty CPUSA comrades.
    The galaxy sized bag of monkey wrenches is opened.

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