Next Attack on Gun Ownership Might Come From a Surprising Place


Gun control extremists want your guns and they are willing to exploit tragedies, launch fake studies, lie, pass unconstitutional laws, pressure lenders not to lend to manufacturers and sellers, push banks to cancel accounts of gun producers, and they use their friends in the media to propagandize the issue. But there is a new potential attack coming from a somewhat surprising source –insurance companies.

The left wants the companies to see gun ownership as a liability issue. The concocted studies trying to prove that is the case are hitting the fan.

Kristen Moore, an associate professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan co-wrote an article for The Actuary Magazine pushing the idea of guns as risky behavior:

Actuaries use math, statistics, and finance to find the cost of uncertain risky things over time. So, if you apply for health insurance, an actuary will assess your behaviors – like whether you exercise, are overweight, or engage in risky sports like rock climbing – to determine the likelihood and cost of you getting sick.”

What she doesn’t say in her study is that death rates of gun owners have been inflated by including in the statistics, people who possess guns and use them to commit acts of violence. Law-abiding gun owners are a separate category but, ironically, they are the ones the gun grabbers are after.

More than 75% of gun deaths involved the deaths of people in the act of committing a violent crime, including suicide.

Insurance companies can be made easily susceptible to this pressure.

If that doesn’t work, leftist states will require exorbitant insurance.


New York has pushed for a requirement that gun owners carry insurance [as have other states]. The most recent bill, A2260, would have required all firearm owners to purchase liability insurance for their firearms. The bill would amend the Insurance Law of the State. A2260 and would have required gun owners to obtain and maintain liability insurance in an amount not less than $250,000.00 to cover damages resulting from the negligent use of that firearm.

It’s a law that has been repeatedly introduced over the years.

Failure to hold such insurance would result “in the immediate revocation of such owner’s registration, license and any other privilege to own such firearm.” The bill exempts peace officers.

The New York Governor Cuomo at the same time has attempted to block manufacturers and sellers from securing insurance. He wants to be sure that when they are sued in frivolous actions that it bankrupts them.

Using the concept is the basis for many lawsuits by the leftists in their never-ending plot to gut the Second Amendment. The leftists sue the manufacturers and sellers for deaths committed by violent people as they did in the case of Sandy Hook. It would be like suing GM for a terrorist plowing down innocents with one of their vehicles.


Attacks also come from the medical community. Under Barack Obama, questionable studies and an aggressive administration attempted to portray guns as a health hazard. The next Democratic administration has learned from the last and will be far more aggressive.

The leftist American Medical Association (AMA) buys into it and puts political pressure on doctor/members to discourage patients from being gun-owners, Ammoland reports. It grew worse under the prior administration.

Doctors are instructed to ask patients if they own guns, and then advise them to get rid of all of them!

Many doctors who are members of the AMA ask patients to fill out forms where they are asked if they own guns.

Expect them to return to power under the next Democratic President and involve insurance companies.

If they can’t pass gun laws keeping guns out of American’s hands, they will make them too frightening, too dangerous, and too expensive to own.

h/t Jon Thompson

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