NFL coach tells the mob he’s 100% for America, if you don’t like it, ‘kiss my a$$”


Former NFL defensive lineman and current NFL coach Jack Del Rio has had it with the mob and their cancel culture. He’s not taking it anymore.

The former head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and current defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins clearly stated whose side he is on.

He told the ultra-left who are attacking him for supporting President Trump to kiss his ass. Specifically, he said, “I’m 100% for America, if you’re not you can kiss my A$$.”

People were sold a lie about racism tied to Trump. It was done to divide us and win elections. It’s more of the segregation the mob valued so much after slavery ended.

Del Rio was actually doubling down on a video tweet he shared from popular conservative social media figure Samantha Marika. In the clip, she discusses the truth about the “Trump racism narrative.”

Del Rio captioned the tweet, “Fact not fiction.”

The cancel culture is out to get him. He accidentally shared a fake tweet from AOC, but it sure sounded like her. So, now, the mob is saying he doesn’t pay attention to details.

Hopefully, he won’t be forced to apologize and beg forgiveness from the mob.

Get MAD! REAL MAD! If people don’t start speaking up and rejecting this, we will all live in a dystopian society without the liberties we were born with.


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