NFL “Sincerely Apologizes” for Harrison Butker’s Family Values


Harrison Butker is the Chief’s kicker and a devout Catholic. He stirred the wrath of the NFL because he expressed his support for traditional family values. This does not fall in line with the NFL’s standard behavioral code. As Babylon Bee said: Harrison Butker Does Not Reflect Our Values,’ Says League Of Woman Beaters. They were joking, but IT’S TRUE!

So, of course, you can understand why Roger Goodell would be quite upset. [sarcasm]

Goodell clarified that Harrison Butker “does not reflect the NFL values,” and he “sincerely apologized” for his inexcusable support for family values. He said they are dedicated to “inclusion.” That’s the problem and why a third of their team are arrested.

Well, I guess for the type of person who would lock up pro-life people for five years for protesting the killing of babies to the moment of birth or killing babies after they’re born, this is what we can expect.

You should know that Mr. Baker discussed Catholic family values at a Catholic University. These people are in another world because most Americans would relate to family values, regardless of their political persuasion.

Harrison Butker looks scary, doesn’t he? No wonder Goodell is upset. [sarcasm]

Image via Sports Covering

Sometimes, I think they just like talking to themselves.

This is a case of satire meeting the real world. You can’t make this stuff up.

Update: We added his speech because it’s beautiful, and the NFL and the left are anti-family. The NFL is 70% black, and most of their families believe in the family unit. How far we have fallen.

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