NFL’s Kneeling 49ers Now Funding Gun Grab Legislation


Colin Kaepernick’s former team, the kneeling 49ers with a no-win 0-8 record, gave a half million dollars to promote gun grabs. Their donation is in an effort “to ban bump fire stocks, silencers, and “armor piercing bullets.”

They don’t know what they are talking about, especially when it comes to bump fire stocks and silencers. It’s simply a gun grab and they are the useful idiots.

They’ve been brainwashed on the “common sense” gun law mantra. Jed York thinks he has the right to tell people what gun equipment they can have.

“It seems insane to me that a citizen can buy something like that,” 49ers CEO Jed York told the Mercury News of bump fire stocks. “I’m not anti-Second Amendment. This is something that is common sense.”

No one cares about bump fire stocks, they can be made using a common belt.

One must wonder what other common sense Amendments need some adjustment to meet the ideology of the hard-left. Shall we get rid of cars? After all, it’s the radical Islamic terrorists’ weapon of choice.

The 49ers are disguising the effort by claiming they are working with law enforcement. What they are doing is working with the hard-left heads of law enforcement unions as Obama’s leftist policing action plan is being carried out. This is their so-called solution to the bad relations between the community and law enforcement or, in many cases, between criminals and enforcers.

The money is going to an outreach campaign that includes public-service announcements. That should be called brainwashing and indoctrination announcements. The ones out now use false data and fake children to spread the message.

There is no question San Francisco is a hard-left enclave and they want to gut the Second Amendment which the NRA mentioned on its Institute for Legislative Action website.

“Such anti-gun advocacy will almost certainly stir the ire of an already frustrated fan base who, as ratings indicate, want to keep politics out of sports,” the NRA said in its post. “Perhaps the feeling is that because San Francisco has long been among the nation’s leading bastions of anti-gun fervor, this move would be seen as positive by a weakening fan base. But, we remind NFL leadership of the dangerous trap-door that all too many have failed to see. Put simply, ticket-paying fans have no interest in further incorporating divisive political issues into packaged entertainment, and this includes football and other sporting events.”

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said, “Professional football is supposed to be a sporting event that entertains and thrills fans, not help finance efforts to erode their constitutional rights. Politics is threatening to ruin the games.”

That is the goal of the hard-left after all, isn’t it? Kill off our rights, damage our culture by destroying what was an All-American game and erase patriotism.


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