NGOs Are Destabilizing the West


NATO is spreading disinformation through government-funded NGOs. Michael Shellenberger cites two: Correctiv and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. They are interfering in foreign elections and currently aiming their propaganda at German farmers and politicians, calling them Nazis and Putin puppets when they are not. Recently, EU officials claimed, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE or ARRESTING ANYONE, that Russia bribed EU politicians.


The involvement of individuals and organizations linked to American national security interests, such as Pierre Omidyar and George Soros, is also noted.

Shellenberger has learned that both NATO-funded and government-funded NGOs work with government bodies to interfere in German elections. Their “influence operation” aims to keep Germany in line with American foreign policy objectives and undermine the European peace movement.

According to Gregor Baszak, the evidence suggests that European intelligence agencies and NATO are breaking domestic EU laws against foreign election interference. The EU prohibits elected officials and politicians from using military, intelligence, and security agencies to advance political and electoral means.

In other words, according to investigative reporter Michael Shellenberger, they are a front for the Western military and intelligence agencies to interfere in foreign elections.

Stories about Russia, Russia, and Russia are proliferating. It’s hard to find the truth.


NGOs and the UN are also the beauties who are arranging for our flooded open borders. Catholic Charities goes into Central American countries and flies them here.

The Biden administration encouraged the radical leftists in Israel to rally against Netanyahu via NGOs. He wants Netanyahu to abandon the war.

This is a good clip to understand how they operate:

Many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are hate groups operating under the guise of goodness and generosity. They are funded by elite donors and the Biden administration, who also hates you. They hate Western nations, religions, and cultures. They want to destroy you. That must be true, or they wouldn’t be trying to replace you. Even criminals, deadbeats, and terrorists are welcome here.

We hear a lot about Catholic Charities and The Jewish United Way, but there are so many NGOs with sinister motives working to destroy this country that you’d be amazed.

The NGOs pay people to destabilize the West.

Tommy Robinson is trying to expose them.

The Irish are fighting the NGOs. The US is not because the Biden administration pays them to destroy the West.
James O’Keefe, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and others are attempting to expose the NGOs.

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