NICE! Jewish community takes their park back from de Blasio


Earlier, we reported that comrade de Blasio welded shut the gates to the largest community park in a Jewish community. This is as de Blasio does nothing to put Black Lives Matter and Antifa in line with social distancing. He also had no problem with the 16,000 black transgenders who gathered close together in Brooklyn this past weekend.

Well, the Jewish men took care of that and removed the lock. Good for them, really.

A video circulating on social media Monday showed a group of men welding the gate shut of a park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a historically Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

The parks in the city remain closed, under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s leadership, however, many have had enough as he allows thousands of residents to protest and even riot in the streets.

The Mayor’s spokesperson Jane Meyer actually defended the move, telling this reporter that “We know families are looking for relief, and we are watching health indicators closely and simultaneously working on a plan so when it’s safe to open playgrounds, we can.”


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