Nick Fuentes banned again–Leftists finally found an actual white supremacist


America First Live founder Nick Fuentes has been banned from the audio-chat app Clubhouse before his first broadcast was over. Fuentes is a podcaster and a former YouTuber who was banned from YouTube in February for hateful speech.

We don’t know what the hateful speech was but he is a true white supremacist. For Conservatives who have never met one, meet Nick Fuentes via Benny below. Benny Johnson, of the Newsmax, show Benny Johnson Report, is also a Turning Point USA leader.

Clubhouse is a Silicon Valley privately-owned platform and it may or may not be over-censoring. We don’t know, but Fuentes is a hater.

The Left has finally found a white supremacist. Fuentes believes in authoritarianism and identity politics and must be disavowed by all conservatives.

There is the free speech issue, but it doesn’t apply to Clubhouse.

Watch the videos Benny put up. You won’t believe what a hater this man is.

Benny posted videos of who Fuentes is. He’s anti-Semitic, sexist, anti-gay, and racist. He isn’t someone conservatives should coddle in any way.

He isn’t keen on women:

He’s endorsed by dirtbag Richard Spencer:

They are trying to mainstream their hateful views:

Not worthy of protection. Spend time trying to help conservatives who deserve the effort:

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