Nielsen has a new tool to determine if people of color are on screen enough


The Nielsen television ratings have a new tool to gauge whether persons of color are represented on screen in proportion to their percentage of the U.S. population.

The firm unveiled Gracenote Inclusion Analytics following a December study that allegedly found persons of color were not being adequately depicted on television, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Nielsen says the tool is designed to give content creators, advertisers, and distributors “proprietary metrics, including an identity group’s share of screentime relative to their real-life representation in the population,” the outlet reported.

The objective is to give producers of content and advertisers the ability to quantify their progress in diversifying the small screen,” THR added.

The tool will measure the amount of screen time depicting certain identity groups such as those with specific genders, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Measurements include “Share of Screen,” “Inclusion Opportunity Index,” and “Inclusion Audience Index.”

“Audiences today actively seek out programs that highlight people who resemble them and experiences that reflect their own,” said Nielsen’s head of analytics, Tina Wilson, said in a statement to THR.

“Together, Nielsen and Gracenote are uniquely positioned to help the industry seize upon this opportunity by way of new data analytics solutions ensuring meaningful connections between content and audiences,” she added.

It sounds like another gimmick, exploiting the crisis of the day.

In New York, Black people are on TV, ads, in ever-growing numbers. Perhaps it’s different elsewhere. There are plenty of women also.

Everything is identity politics with the Left and there is hardly anything more unimportant than the immutable characteristics on which they base everything.



  1. Trotsky would be so proud.
    I used to game Nielsen and there would be money in the envelope after completing and returning.
    Local radio would call in the 1990’s but there were no prizes. It was also a game to me.
    Polls? We don’t need no stinking polls.
    This woke commie hysteria is part of the burn it all down by any means necessary plan.
    They hate all races equally and will jettison any race after it is no longer politically useful.

  2. America more than ever before is made up of tribes and entertainment executives had best focus on providing entertainment that will attract and hold the attention of the several major tribes. Blacks enjoy BET.I doubt if few whites ar asians find it of interest. Be woke and go broke is the correct mantra for anyone who expects to hold and maintain a paying audience.

  3. If you focus on commercials these days, I’d say they’re on television about 60% of the time. The percentage is even higher if you consider sports alone! Not bad for a race that is only 12.7% of our population. Will these Nielsen liberals be honest enough to report such statistics or will they disproportionately include Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in their sampling algorithm? Of course, I realize that I am automatically deemed a racist for even questioning such a study.

  4. Blacks are 13% of the population and represent 80% of the persons within TV commercials. Moreover, they represent products and lifestyles they do not participate within.

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