Nigel Farage Describes the UK’s Future – ‘Doom’s’ a Good Word


The West has gone mad. It is no less obvious than in the UK. They have had 4 Chancellors of the Exchequer, three home secretaries, two monarchs, and now a third Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

Sunak lost in September but is now October’s winner.

It looked like Boris Johnson was coming back for a while, but he didn’t last the weekend. Boris said he had the support of 102 MPs, but Nigel Farage said he is light with the truth.

Rishi will bring stability with all the same bad policies, including high taxes. They also have the same crazy open border issues. Nothing is being done with Brexit.

Farage said Sunak cannot connect with the working people and is a disaster for the conservatives. Doom!

He believes Sunak will end the conservatives, and they will get a Labor government that can’t even tell you what a woman is. More doom!

Conservatives are doomed, he predicts in his entertaining way. The US has one president who has dementia. How much we must entertain our enemies.


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5 months ago

certainly the UK is evolving into something different. After WW1 the UK became a somewhat different country, and after socialism was fully adopted the UK became different again… the UK is adopting globalism and pan-multiculturalism so the UK demographic is changing and the country is being remade ….. its a little early to predict doom. It will be different and much poorer and unhappier and racially divisive….but those qualities can lead in any direction….to collapse, to war, to renewal, to rebirth, to prosperity and republicanism…..nobody knows.

5 months ago

Go Woke, you Go Broke! That is where Europe is Heading. Don’t think for a Moment that America is out of the Woods. WWIII is still a real possibility as is a Civil War in America. Communist China is heading towards collapse and Russia may the Worlds Super Power for the next 50 Years. This is how much destruction Traitor Joe has caused in under 2 years.

America’s first order of business in January needs to be the Dismantling of the Democrat Party and it’s associated Communism, Socialism, Wokism, and general insanity. America must return to it’s roots of a God Fearing Christian Moral Country with a Limited Federal Government, State’s Rights, and Individual Freedom.

One thing I can be certain about; the next 10 years won’t be easy. The alternative is a collapse to 3rd World Status.

5 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Certainly World War is a probability, I estimate, about 50% chance if the Ukraine conflict doesn’t end within a year, and if China invades Taiwan or if Iran increases attacks on Saudi Arabia through the Houthis in Yemen, and if ISIS is able to establish a foot hold in Eastern Africa in Mozambique, or Western Africa in Niger, the chances of World War go up exponentially.
WWII was a global war, but Japan and Germany didn’t seem to have a coordinated strategy, each of them engaging in warfare in their own geographic region, but resulting a a world wide war.
The American Civil War was actually probably the first World War, in that while the main military conflict was in North America, Confederate raiders were active in the North Atlantic, including off the coast of France and a Capt. Waddell destroyed the New England Whaling Fleet in the Northern Pacific and circumnavigated the world, surrendering in Liverpool after the end of the war.
I expect multi-theater warfare, with isolated conflicts in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and even conflict with Mexican cartels, which have developed military organizations and are threatening the Central Government, is increasingly likely.
I have no idea what will happen in South Asia between India and Pakistan, especially with Afghanistan being taken over by the Taliban. Sri Lanka, once one of the wealthiest countries in Asia, has a collapsed economy with food insecurity, so with failed economies, armed conflict becomes likely.
Economic conflict is increasingly likely as well, with inflation having a big role, since many of the world’s currencies are under severe strain.
In 2008. the American FED actually bailed out many central banks, even of China, to maintain financial stability, however the FED probably will be struggling just to maintain it’s own stability in the US with an economy going into recession or worse, so financial crises and panics are going to make things much worse this time.

5 months ago
Reply to  Steven

With a move to Globalism, everything has become interdependent. Any large Regional War will lead to World War. Fanning the Flames in Ukraine is leading to a Collapse of the German Economy which will send Europe into Depression. That will send both America and China into Depression. Depression in America will have a devastating effect on world wide food supplies. Hungry People get desperate and do really bad things. If Thermonuclear War breaks out being rich is not going to help you!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

What:? What? The elites are taking over Britain. Couldn’t be!!! Just because Sunak and his wife have several times the wealth of King Chares III. and step daddy is one of the richest men in the world is immaterial.
What do you mean, they ae already taking over the USA?
You are not saying clueless Joe is an elite, are you? He can’t walk and talk sensibly at the same time.
Ohhh! He is just a marionette of Obama and his his ilk.