Nikki Haley Lost to the Better Candidate in Nevada


Clown World Candidate Nikki Haley lost in her category in Tuesday’s Nevada Republican presidential primary to a much stronger candidate – None of these Candidates. None of these candidates had 63% and Haley had 31%.

Oddly, Donald Trump is on a separate caucus ballot on Thursday. He was not on the primary ballot. I don’t know why.

Haley is the neocon establishment candidate, and she bombed as one might expect.

Establishment candidates are a thing of the past, but they won’t go easily. They’re hoping Donald Trump will be imprisoned.

A lot of American voters realize the deep state is playing games, and the court cases are a witch hunt.

The caucus wasn’t rigged, as Haley suggested. People don’t want her or the establishment that helped create this horrible situation.

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Biden Crapbritches
Biden Crapbritches
17 days ago

When Niki Haly-tosis lost to “None of these candidates” she jumped up and down and screamed, “Hooray! Now it’s a two person race!”

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
18 days ago

Looks like Nikki and her campaign committee are pretty stupid, being manipulated into losing to “None of these Candidates” with Trump not on the ballot.
How could anyone recover from such embarrassment, unless of course they are to stupid to understand.
I have to admit to stupidity as well, since may years ago I thought she was a future bright light. Yeah, that was really stupid. I guess I missed the accounts of her adultery, because that and the cover-up is a big turn-off.

Last edited 18 days ago by Peter B. Prange