Nikki Haley Won’t Consider Taking in Gazan Refugees After All



Correction: Nikki Haley‘s campaign clarified that she is not interested in taking in refugees from Gaza. She thinks they should go to countries like Turkey.

Nikki Haley is as clueless as the Democrats. In this clip, she paints the Palestinian and Iranian civilians as all eager to separate from the rule they live under. While there is a percentage of the population who want out, in the end, if it’s them or us, they might choose them.

In one recent poll, 57% supported Hamas.

She doesn’t say if she wants the Gazans to come here as refugees in this clip, but it’s clear she wouldn’t reject them either.

They pose a potential threat to our Jewish population and all of us for that matter. They have unlike values and don’t assimilate. We need to stop bringing in people who don’t want to be Americans.

Haley would be a terrible president in my humble opinion. She is shallow, and fake.

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