The Monumental Act of Eight House Rebels



The fight for the speakership is bringing a lot of bad press to Republicans from all sides. The left exploits it, and people on the right are being divided. Matt Gaetz and the other seven who rejected Speaker McCarthy’s ‘business as usual’ tactics are courageous. They should be praised for it.

Of the eight, I am not sure about Ken Buck. These are the eight: Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Tim Burchett, Eli Crane, Matt Gaetz, Bob Good, Nancy Mace, and Matt Rosendale.

Newt Gingrich called them traitors. I call them heroes.

McCarthy played the same game as Speaker he always played. He didn’t tell people the truth, and he didn’t do anything about these enormous spending bills until it became an emergency and they had to be passed. He didn’t even try.

People might have gone along with him a bit longer if he fought. He didn’t. He lied and connived.

People don’t seem to realize – especially our Representatives – the terrible state of affairs. Our economy is a disaster, and the spending is at 500 billion deficit dollars a month. We have open borders, and we have no idea who’s coming in at a time when the world is a very dangerous place.

McCarthy really didn’t do anything. He didn’t make any changes as he promised. He did what he always does, and that made some of the more moderate Republicans comfortable, but it shouldn’t have.

Instead of vilifying Matt Gaetz and his colleagues who fought with him, Republicans need to recognize that he’s trying to do something about a dire situation. Is it only these eight who care?

Do you know what happens when a new congressman goes for their training in DC? Because I do. One of the congressional candidates I helped during his campaign, but who didn’t make it, didn’t know the final results on the Freshman congressmen training day, so he went down to DC. Almost every training session was about how to fundraise. I suspect it’s the same for the Democrats. This is how new congressmen come in and what they’re expected to know how to do. It’s the priority in DC.

The RINOs who would betray us are making themselves known. They don’t have our interests at heart. They should be primaried. Check out the list of twenty, and see if you really want to vote for them again.

Call them and tell them if you want a Speaker Jordan:

These are people who run as conservatives, but they’re not. They are the establishment.

Matt Gaetz and the other seven are not extreme right or far right. That’s ridiculous. What are they asking for? They’re asking for the budget to be broken down into smaller bills so the American people know what they’re voting for. The large bills are meant to hide the information from the public.

They want a fight to close the borders. Open borders are a national security risk, and they are destroying our country. It’s not far right to want to stop that.

Anyone who tries to stop the globalist propaganda and tell the truth is castigated as a lunatic or far-right operative when it is the globalists and the establishment who are far out. I’m not even sure if you can call him the left since they’re so far out. They certainly aren’t conservative.

Gaetz is also concerned about the constant flow of money and weapons to Ukraine. People have been lied to about that war. Americans are continually lied to about it. We’re not allowed to tell the truth, even on social media. If you tell the truth on your own blog, they will shadow-ban you.

In the end, endless funding and weapons to Ukraine — bringing us to the verge of World War III and perhaps nuclear war — is a bad idea. Now we have another war, and Lindsey Graham wants to bomb Iran.

Israel deserves to have weapons and intelligence sharing, and we can do that. Israel can handle the fighting. They don’t need us. And they don’t need us to tell them what to do to protect their lands because we don’t do very well protecting our own. We’re allowing every bit of riffraff from around the world to come in to our country. So we shouldn’t be telling Israel how to run theirs. This threat from Hamas is potentially existential, and they suffered through a horrific genocidal slaughter. Biden needs to be quiet and go home.

So today, Republicans will vote again, and we’ll see how the twenty vote.

Jim Jordan is liked by almost the entire House of Republicans. He’s not far right, and he’s not controversial. The left tries to make him into a controversial figure, and they have to lie and invent stories to vilify him. Jordan’s fine. If they won’t even vote for him, they aren’t looking out for Republicans’ interests and need to be replaced.

When Republicans don’t stick together like this, they give fodder to the left. They do it over and over. They show weakness, and the left attacks.

We are faced with becoming a communist or globalist one-party state under Democrats, and those eight fought.

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