Col. Macgregor on the “Disintegration of the United States”


Col. Douglas Macgregor spoke about the crisis at the border in the interview below, and he didn’t mince words. We are watching the “disintegration of the United States,” he said. He lamented the fact that no one in leadership is doing anything about it.

“We’re watching the disintegration of the United States,” Macgregor said. “This is a recipe for our destruction, that’s obvious. And the sad part is that in addition to the president and members of Congress, we have a disappointing group of governors who have absolute authority over their own national problems to the point where they could deploy them without any interference from the federal government to the borders, and essentially halt this massive invasion.

“You know, the sad part is that everybody knows we cannot be conquered militarily, but people have figured out that if they could introduce enough people from the developing world, people that have nothing in common with the culture and the origins of our country which admittedly are European and largely Christian if they can bring in enough people who are absolutely unaffiliated with that, then they can destroy us.

“So I think we’re confronting this reality, and no one wants to stand up and be counted. That’s the real tragedy.”


“We’ve seen a steady downslide into criminality and insecurity. This is really all a function of our failure to enforce the law. And the first place we need to start is on this border. We need to halt this invasion. If we don’t halt it we may not survive this. That’s how much of a threat this is. This is indisputably the greatest threat to the country, certainly in my lifetime and probably since the early 20th century.”

Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt frequently asks how people could destroy their own country. The answer is easy, really – they’re evil. People can’t understand it because it’s so foreign to anything they would do.


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