Nikki Haley’s back, hoping to lead the Republican Party


Nikki Haley’s back. After publicly torching Donald Trump for the January 6th Capitol breach as someone we never should have followed, she is trying to re-establish herself as the Republican leader.

God help us if she is. She supported then-president Trump during the breach until the backlash was too much for her. She’s just another swamp creature.

Haley is against the corporations that are boycotting Georgia. She can’t believe the horror at the border.

Oh, and she is a big Trump supporter.

Where has she been? Hiding out with her strategists, plotting her return, preparing statements based on polls?

She is a McConnell favorite.





  1. Don’t waste your time globalist chamber of commerce Haley.
    The radio just had a woman of Korean ancestry running for congress in Texas as a republican!
    She has been called a racist for calling out PRC/CCP regarding the Wuhandemic and hands off America when it comes to jobs and resources.
    The Jebby taco bowls wing of the GOP needs to go to the golf course and country club lounge and let some new people have a turn.

    • I live in a neighborhood where the Chamber of Commerce President lives in a city of half a million. I know all about the chamber…. they are corrupt.

  2. She’s a perfect match for the RINOs. The RINOs have a money making and influence operation. The world revolves around her. She will say anything to impress the big money.

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