Despot Biden to begin his assault on the 2nd Amendment tomorrow


Dictator Biden will announce his executive actions on gun control tomorrow. He will eat away at our Second Amendment rights under the guise of keeping Americans safe. Eventually, only criminals will have guns.

Politico reported what is likely to be included in the actions:

“Biden will direct the administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of so-called ghost guns — homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers — to undergo background checks, according to three people who have spoken to the White House about the plans. He is expected to be joined at the event by Attorney General Merrick Garland,” POLITICO reported Wednesday. “Other executive actions remain unclear. But stakeholders have speculated that the president could announce regulations on concealed assault-style firearms; prohibitions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence against their partners; and federal guidance on home storage safety measures.”

There is also a suggestion he will take on the issue of who can sell firearms.

The Hill claims “moderates and centrists” on gun control are disappearing. They also say the public supports bans according to polls.

They wrote:

Most gun control measures get broad public support, including requiring background checks for private and gun show sales (83 percent in a 2019 poll), a ban on the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines (61 percent) and a ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons (57 percent). But what matters politically is intensity of support. Getting gun laws through Congress has always been difficult because of single-issue voting by gun rights supporters.

That’s not very believable, but the Left has demonized gun ownership for decades so who knows. However, they also like to spread disinformation.

The reason they don’t want to pass gun control laws legally by going through Congress is that it will be difficult. So, they are going with fiats.

Who are these people to take away our inherent rights? They’re dictators.

Biden to sign an amnesty bill for anyone who says a/he’s a farmworker




  1. He begins his assault on Jill’s fingertips as she sports fishnets at age 69.
    Dementia Joe is doing what his handlers demand and nothing else.
    Meanwhile our enemies grow stronger by the hour and the border is wide open.
    The 2nd amendment is not negotiable and not granted by some regime or apparatchik.

    O/T-the FM station had some comrade Springsteen & Sobama agitprop podcrap commercial and promptly got removed from presets and will never be listened to again.
    Not my comrades and never will be.

  2. Here in Texas on the Rio Grande River the Los Zetas Cartel is moving illegal aliens through the mountainous desert, and across the river, for a big fee; a very big fee. Aliens unable to pay the fee have their families back home contacted, and extorted for the fee. If unable to pay the fee, the aliens are forced to carry backpacks of drugs to deliver to prescribed destinations in the United States. If the drugs are not delivered, the families back home are murdered. The tension here on the border is at a fever pitch as these mules, desperate to deliver the drugs, are going to any extent to accomplish their task. Local residents are now in danger to losing their lives as ever increasing violence moves into the communities. Rock wielding mules are now jumping residents, beating them unconscious, leaving them for dead, before stealing their vehicles, and any other possessions that they choose, before fleeing further North into this country. Residents here are desperate to find ways to protect their lives, homes, and property. Law enforcement cannot even begin to control the situation. The only hope many have here is to obtain firearms. If Biden is successful at preventing homeowners from obtaining firearms, Americans will be left defenseless in the face of murderous thieves. Is this what American citizens really want? This is all.

  3. One thing I can say for the Democrat Party, they are good for gun sales and stock in Gun manufacturers. All Biden’s BS will do is create a huge underground gun market for the Drug Cartels as they will find huge profits in selling illegal fully automatic weapons to Americans. You know the real “Assault Weapons”. Liberal Democrats have the minds of children, can’t govern, and are dangerous. The States need to band together and remove the Traitor Joe Administration from power and have a free and fair election before Independence Day. Democrats are just doing too much damage to America. We never should have allowed the Deep State to Steal the 2020 election or perpetrate the Corona Hoax. Both the Steal and The Hoax have been pretty well documented, but totally ignored by the Liberal Media and the Congress. Most people are just ignoring the Covid Hoax now. It is encouraging that 43 States are taking notice of Election Fraud and making it harder to steal elections in the future. HR1 will be ignored if passed just like Traitor Joe’s Executive Orders. Many States have already declared “Gun Mandates” null and void if contrary to actual Federal Law or State Law just like California has done with Immigration and Drug Laws. One thing that has been consistent is that Gun Control Laws have ended many a Politician’s career. The polls apparently are always wrong on support for Gun Control Laws Nationwide.

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