Mitch stuck up for bullied Americans for 5 minutes, then took it back


Mitch McConnell actually sounded like a fighter for America when he warned corporations against misleading and bullying Americans. That didn’t last long. Today, he decided he wasn’t artful in his comments.

The swamp critter can’t stick up for Americans for long. He will always kowtow to his donors.

On Tuesday, McConnell said it is “stupid” for corporations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Major League Baseball, and Delta Air Lines to become involved in an issue like Georgia’s voter law.

“It’s quite stupid to jump in the middle of a highly controversial issue,” McConnell said.

“Republicans drink Coca-Cola too, and we fly and we like baseball,” the top Senate Republican continued. “It’s irritating one hell of a lot of Republican fans.”

“My warning, if you will, to corporate America, is to stay out of politics. It’s not what you were designed for,” he added, before noting: “I’m not talking about campaign contributions.”

Then he walked it back, saying it wasn’t artful. He won’t be there for Americans, just for corporations and Democrats.

McConnell is wrong. Corporations as individuals can be involved in politics, but we need some peace when we go buy soda or take a plane. They should go back to being apolitical.




  1. Turkey Neck needs to go taco bowl with the Shrub clan.
    Trump put all of that to bed where it belongs.
    Feckless, clueless CCP RAT needs to go head on down to the horse ranch out to pasture.

  2. Cocaine Mitch got a call from the Chamber of Commerce and the CCP, both telling him to knock it off. Seems Mitch forgot who owns him for a moment.

  3. McConnell and all these CEOs should remember corporations are FICTICIOUS persons, created by the state for a limited pubic good. As such, extensions of the state, they should be mindful of their limits and they are vulnerable if pressed from this angle

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