NJ Governor will fight to keep his criminal illegal aliens safe



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A day after President Donald Trump’s administration filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn controversial restrictions on when police New Jersey can cooperate with federal immigration officials, Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday vowed to defend the policy “with great vigor,” NJ.Com reports.

Murphy wants to keep those criminal illegal aliens safe so they can wreak havoc on the good citizens of the state. He’s just the kind of guy the people want as governor.

Murphy, a far-left Democrat said the Republican president is simply trying to “vilify” immigrants as he seeks re-election in November.

No, Murphy, he’s trying to re-establish the rule of law and have borders again. And that would be ILLEGAL immigrants, Murphy.

Murphy argued stupidly that the restrictions are designed to make the Garden State a safer place for all residents.

It’s safer with criminal aliens and unvetted aliens roaming around?

The governor released a statement, declaring, “Fearmongering for the purposes of an election only further complicates the work of law enforcement and jeopardizes public safety. We will continue to provide a welcoming and inclusive home for our immigrant communities.”

All criminal aliens are welcomed. All foreigners who don’t belong here are welcomed — break our laws! Yay!

The Trump administration filed a lawsuit over New Jersey rules that limit what police officers can share with ICE agents.

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Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
3 years ago

it’s illegal.

Laughing at the Collapse
Laughing at the Collapse
3 years ago

Commies gonna commie. Gotta look out for the lifetime commiecrat voters. What happens when the productive people pack up and move and there is no one left to pay for all the free stuff?
The apparatchiks better hope the praetorian guards are loyal and that the walls and bunkers are formidable when that time comes.