No Charges for 16-Year-Old with a Rap Sheet Who Shot NYPD Officer


A16-year-old rapper with a rap sheet who shot a New York City police officer earlier this year will not face charges.

Cops were trying to control a disorderly crowd and repeatedly asked him to take his hand out of his pocket after he approached a car with his hands in his pockets. He repeatedly refused. A tussle ensued and he allegedly accidentally shot the officer as he tried to flee.

Camrin Williams

No biggie apparently. He shot an officer but it’s New York City and he’s off the hook despite his rap sheet.

The New York City Law Department said in a statement Friday that Camrin Williams, aka CBlue, 16, “cannot be prosecuted” but failed to elaborate.

He shot officer Kaseem Pennant in January who is – thankfully – okay.


The teenager was already on probation for gun possession when the shooting occurred. The gun possession case was picked up in May 2020, when Williams was just 14.

The teenager posted a $250,000 bond in late January using money from a record label he had signed with Interscope Records a few months earlier.

But a week after Williams posted bail, he was back in juvenile court after a hearing held in family court determined he had violated probation in his gun possession case by allegedly possessing a firearm and shooting the NYPD officer.

He was carrying an illegal gun.

No problem. In New York City, you can shoot a police officer, have a rap sheet, and skate.

Kaseem Pennant

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