PA Might Have GOP Senate Primary Results June 8 & OR’s a Mess


Officials in Pennsylvania can’t seem to count the US GOP Senate primary ballots. The counters stopped counting and it’s dragged on for days, remaining at 99% for about three days. The officials now say it’s too close to call with just over 1,000 votes in Dr. Oz’s favor.

The race will likely go to a recount, and we might get results by June 8. Donald Trump told Dr. Oz to declare victory and the people went wild with anger.

The race is between two candidates – Dr. Oz and Mr. McCormick. Dr. Oz is Donald Trump’s choice. His opponent, David McCormick, a venture capitalist, is McConnell’s choice.


It’s worse in Oregon, the state that prides itself on efficient, transparent mail-in ballot elections. They had a ballot-printing error that will delay results by weeks. A key US House race hangs in the balance.

Tens of thousands of ballots in the state’s third-largest county were printed with blurred barcodes, making them unreadable by vote-counting machines. The error wasn’t caught until ballots were already being returned. Elections workers must now hand-transfer the votes from those ballots to new ones that can be read in a painstaking process that also raises the possibility of duplication errors.

The person who made the mistake was Clackamas County Elections Clerk Sherry Hall. People in Oregon are angry. It’s thrown into question a key U.S. House race.

In the Democratic primary for Oregon’s 5th Congressional District, seven-term Rep. Kurt Schrader, a moderate, was trailing in the vote behind progressive challenger Jamie McLeod-Skinner. The outcome could have an outsized impact in November, with the possibility that voters could flip the seat for the GOP.

Hall at a news conference Friday said she made mistakes. She knew in May and did nothing. Ms. Hall was asked why she did nothing and said, “I just didn’t.”

Okay then.


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