No, Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes — fully debunked


We don’t know if Derek Chauvin should or will be found guilty. What we do know is twofold: there will be riots if he isn’t and the media is lying to you. When the riots erupt, it will be their fault.

The defense hasn’t presented their case yet, but evidence of guilt of something has been presented if you believe the witnesses. However, the prosecution started out with a theory of murder and has now had to move into failure to provide care for the one to three minutes after Floyd stopped resisting up until his death.

The media won’t mention that.


The media is lying about the widely accepted narrative that Chauvin kept his ‘knee on the neck’ for 9 minutes. It has been thoroughly debunked by the prosecution’s own witnesses and the body cams.

There was pressure by Chauvin’s knee, but it was not continuously on the neck, and was mostly on the back and shoulders, according to prosecution medical witness testimony.

That got the prosecution case to shift from claiming that pressure from the knee to the carotid artery cut off blood flow to the brain causing loss of oxygen and inability to breathe. The prosecution’s own medical experts rejected that theory.

They are now on to something broader and vaguer.  They’re saying that Floyd being restrained while handcuffed in the prone position with pressure from multiple officers impaired his ability to inhale.

They barely mention that fentanyl does exactly that.


The prosecution fail was so bad at one point that the defense started using their witnesses. After the prosecution presented the wailing witnesses during the first week of the trial, they moved into the evidence and, at times, witnesses used voodoo medicine to prove he died from a knee to the neck.


Floyd was about 6-foot-4 and weighed 230 pounds. The largest police officer present was Chauvin, at 5-foot-9 and 140 pounds.

The out-of-shape female firefighter Genevieve Hansen, however, would have tried to save Mr. Floyd’s life. She listed all that she would have done.

“I would have requested additional help.”

“I would have wanted someone to call 911.”

“I would have asked someone to run to the gas station and look for an AED [a defibrillator].”

The officers had already called for help twice, ten minutes before Genevieve arrived.

“I would have checked his airway.”

“I would have been worried about a spinal cord injury.”

As we know from the autopsy, there was no problem with Floyd’s airway or spinal cord. However, he did have nearly four times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, along with meth and pot.

“I would have checked for a pulse.”

The officers did and it’s on tape.

The officer’s did everything Genevieve said she would have done.

Mercil and Mackenzie

In a previous article, we discussed Lt. Johnny Mercil, the MDP’s use-of-force trainer, and Officer Nicole Mackenzie, the MPD’s medical support coordinator, who testified that it would be appropriate not to provide care to a suspect who had just been fighting with officers, or in the presence of a hostile crowd.

Chauvin had both those circumstances.

Trying to do damage control, the prosecutor asked Officer Mackenzie to define a “hostile” crowd. She said, “a growing contingent of people around, if they’re yelling, being even verbally abusive to those trying to provide scene security.”

They’re on tape doing exactly that. In fact, they testified that they did that.

Genevieve, the fire department emergency worker of one whole year, was one of the screamers, ranting, “I have your name tag bitch.”

The Media Lies

There are very significant problems ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media as to (1) cause of death, (2) whether Chauvin caused the death, (3) whether the force used by Chauvin was unlawful, and for some counts, (4) Chauvin’s intent. People who only read the mainstream media coverage of the case are ignorant of these issues.

Expect riots and blame the MSM. The blood and destruction are on their hands.



  1. Don’t let Sean Hannity read this article, he studies the martial arts 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! He can choke out of life in 15 seconds if he wants to, and says he don’t need nine minutes to do it. But he knows without a doubt that Chauvin is guilty of murder! What a tool bag…

    • Ranting, clueless, incoherent, mentally ill fuckwads like you are becoming more of a laughingstock each and every day. Why don’t you go get your Covid shot so you’ll die, because this world already has too many of your kind polluting it with your presence.

  2. It has been pretty clear from the beginning that Floyd was going to die from the drugs in his system no matter what. Chauvin and the other police officers had every right to protect themselves from Floyd who had resisted arrest. Those facts are pretty clear. The issue is what was the police contribution to Floyd’s death. I think it was minimal. Did the police use excessive force? I would have to say yes. Since Floyd died and the Prosecution can’t prove intent, the MAXIMUM charge should have been involuntary manslaughter. Considering the abuse police take in doing their job, the conviction for a cop under Involuntary Manslaughter should the minimum under Federal guidelines and only about 9 or 10 months in a facility that can ensure the cops would not be in danger from other inmates.

    Situations like this is why we should not allow the media to report on crimes until after the case is adjudicated. The law should not be “Tried” in the Media. The Media should only report the news. Things like there was an arrest (or worse, no arrest when warranted), there is a trial underway, and what the verdict was. Today the Media tries people and destroys reputations, but worse, poisons jury pools. Basically, the Media in America today makes it impossible for many people to get a far trial. If it takes an Amendment to change this, I welcome it. I am all for people suing the Media and Journalist individually when they get the facts wrong and while people like Hannity have been correct before, his reporting on this issue has crossed a line. He is using personal hearsay which is “OPINION” and reporting it like it was actual facts in this case. That puts him in the same category as the Main Stream Media though he legally says his show is “Entertainment”. Hannity has hurt his brand because of his opinions on this issue. As Hannity has said about some of the swamp rats, “You have the right to remain silent.” This was one issue Hannity should have take his own advice or at least stuck to only the clear facts that were not in question by anyone. If you are going to be a Journalist, you must stick to the clear facts regardless of your “feelings” on the issue.

  3. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. That as it is, certainly sounds like the prosecution is grabbing at straws. Of course they don’t want to admit that he was a died in the wool Fentanyl addict, as confirmed by his supposed girl friend. After the evidence was presented by the Coroner, it should have been at that point a open and shut case. With cops have minimal training in CPR you can’t expect them to play doctor with someone they are holding down because he won’t stop fighting them.

    Dem “N”word knows hes guilty as sin

  4. There will be riots either way as part of the “elites” top down not so Great Reset Long March Fundamental Transformation Leap Forward burn it all down better by any means necessary.
    Out there pages are saying it is all Kabuki with crisis actors and stage productions but I misplaced my aluminum foil hat so…Not Sure.

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