Social credit scores are here and will affect every area of your life


A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire, or preserve his freedom.

~Malcolm X

Glenn Beck said that, currently, massive changes are taking place globally. The Western World is preparing for The Great Reset. The globalists are doing it out in the open. One of the most alarming changes that has reached the United States is the implementation of social credit scores which models the CCP social credit scores.

Capitalism is changing. Instead of shareholder capitalism, it’s stakeholder capitalism. The stakeholders don’t include the common people. The elite will become quite rich and Beck calls it the greatest heist in the history of the world.

The Amalgamated Bank, the largest U.S. union bank — an SEIU bank — and banks throughout the world are planning to implement ESG scores. Merill Lynch already has.


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores have reached the masses. Justin Haskins joined Glenn Beck to discuss how Merrill Lynch is now displaying ESG scores for account holders.

ESG scores threaten freedom. They attempt to quantify how “socially responsible” someone is. The problem is that doing things like buying guns will lower your scores. This is an American right and ESG scores threaten our freedoms.

This models the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit scores.


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The Red Rooster
The Red Rooster
2 years ago

Mine is -000 and it feels great. I withdraw any consent or participation in a Branch Covidian hive of keep me safe mommygov sheep storming the cliff ledge in a hellfire hurry.
It will be North Brazil in the FUSA (former USA) with Favelas walled off and luxury dachas for apparatchiks on the other side of the wall (racist!) and there won’t be any unity as part of the law of the jungle.
Virture signalling terminal madness and the rush to gut the 2A is because the pitchforks and torches are coming out for the unelected masters of the best fading banana republic that money can buy.

2 years ago

What’s interesting is we had a Social Credit model until the 1960’s. A banker relied more on your Social Credit in the community to give you a loan. Things like did you go to church and volunteer time to the community. The Federal Government put an end to that with civil rights and quotas. The new Social Credit model is much different. It will be about buy in to Globalism and the Oligarchy, not the community. It basically will take away support for church, community, State, and even the Nation and require alliance to the “New World Order” Oligarchy. In other words, support for the ultra-rich becoming more rich and you becoming 3rd world dirt poor.