Trump talks 2024 at GOP event, calls McConnell a “dumb” SOB, praises DeSantis


Former President Donald Trump called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a “dumb son of a bitch” at a GOP event to discuss 2024 and the lost election of 2020. He spoke of unity but appears to realize it will be difficult with people like McConnell in the lead.

Trump, speaking to a Republican National Committee gathering at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., excoriated a number of Republicans. He’s angry because we are left with a disaster and a country headed for communism as Democrats plot a complete takeover.

McConnell just announced his support of not-really-Republican Lisa Murkowski. The term “dumb son of a bitch” fits McConnell.

About Fauci, DJT said, “Have you ever seen anybody that is so full of crap?” [Hmmm….probably not] And he praised governors who followed the science like South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.


The AP reported prior to the event that the former President would say in prepared remarks: “We are gathered tonight to talk about the future of the Republican Party — and what we must do to set our candidates on a course to victory. I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate — and then in 2024, a Republican candidate is going to win the White House.”

He didn’t say it would be him, but DeSantis looks good to us.

He continued: “The key to this triumphant future will be to build on the gains our amazing movement has made over the past four years,” Trump told hundreds of leading Republican donors, according to the prepared remarks. “Under our leadership, we welcomed millions upon millions of new voters into the Republican coalition. We transformed the Republican Party into a party that truly fights for all Americans.”

The former president also said he was “disappointed” that former Vice President Mike Pence had not fought the certification of the election in January.

“I wish that Mike Pence had the courage to send it back to the legislatures,” Trump lamented of the 2020 Electoral College results, according to the Post. He also qualified the statement: “I like him so much. I was so disappointed.”

Pence could have delayed the vote for one week as the Pennsylvania Republicans requested. He also falsely suggested Donald Trump and his attorney John Eastman wanted him to overturn the election which was not true.


Besides DeSantis, the potential White House contenders included South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina also spoke.


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2 years ago

The RINO’s Republican Party is over. The Republican Party has moved decidedly Libertarian and Libertarians are focused on a smaller Federal Government, shifting more power to the States. In general Libertarians are for as little government as possible. This is totally contrary to the desires of the Bureaucrat Deep State and the “New World Order”. Most Americans really are Libertarian at heart, but the Democrats and the “Old” Republican Party were all in for Big Government and Big Business. The Democrats and Republicans demonized Libertarian-ism, so the majority of People identified as Independents. If you think the Federal Government is too big or out of control; you are a Libertarian!

I have no doubt that President Trump will lead the new Republican Party to victory in 2022 and take control of both the House and Senate with significant majorities. Because of Democrat “buyers remorse”, the new Congress will undo everything Communist Democrat or Impeach the The Democrat President with almost total support of the American People. The Congress will hand down criminal referrals to the DOJ and completely defund the DoJ and FBI if there isn’t prompt movement. By prompt, I mean Grand Jury indictments within 30 days. There will be new leadership in the House and Senate and if the Democrat President is impeached a Libertarian Republican will take control of the Government.

With the Steal in 2020 and Traitor Joe anointed President, the Democrat Party has committed Political Suicide. The big question is will the States unite and stop the destruction of the Nation by the Federal Government until we have Free and Fair elections again? It is absolutely clear the Federal Government is now the Government of the Oligarchs and not the People. The States must take back control by exercising their 10th Amendment Authority over all the functions of Government not enumerated in the Constitution to the Federal Government and also force the Federal Government to fully engage on the issues delegated to the Federal Government such as Border Control. Last I looked, we are the United States of American and not the Socialist Communist Union of New World Order.

The Red Rooster
The Red Rooster
2 years ago

Noem loves her some sporty trannies, DeSantis is a champion among men worthy of a firm handshake and pat on the back just like DJT.
Rino GOP chamber of commerce RATS like Judas Pence, Turkey Neck McConnell and Murky Murk are CCP/CPUSA fellow traveler comrades.
The future of the GOP? F’ them and the Uniparty horse they rode in on.
Stay ungovernable without all the burning down of cities, withdraw your consent from the kabuki theater of the absurd.
Bananas are chock full of carbs and overrated just like banana republics.