No-Class Jeb Suggests Trump’s Children Don’t Love Him


Jeb Bush is the President wannabe who destroyed his own chances at becoming President by claiming he could win without his conservative base and who said illegal aliens come here out of “love”. Yet, he continues to blame Trump who would not have been able to defeat him were Jeb nearly half as good a candidate as he thought he was.

The former Florida governor gave a dull, lackluster performance as a candidate and Trump capitalized on it. Trump called him “low-energy” Jeb. J

Jeb who couldn’t seem to break the 5% popularity bracket as a candidate, despite spending more than a hundred-and-fifty million in donations, has never forgiven Trump.

Jeb found a way to get back at Trump at Yale this week by suggesting Trump’s children don’t love him.

Good try Jeb — it says more about you than it doesn’t the President.

Speaking at Yale University, the former Florida Governor, said he wouldn’t rehash the 2016 election and then proceeded to rehash the 2016 election. Jeb is the male version of traumatized Hillary. As a reminder, this is what she had to say this week:

Neither can believe they lost.
Jeb Says Barron Doesn’t Love His Father

The failed candidate, who was the establishment heir-apparent, said the President is “Republican in name only” which is very funny given Jeb’s left-wing leanings.

Bush said early in his speech attacking the President that after the 2016 Republican primary in South Carolina, he returned home to children who “actually love me.” 

That comment was apparently funny to his audience who laughed loudly. Everyone took it as a jab against Trump.

Apparently, Jeb doesn’t think Jeb’s son Barron loves his father. That’s a low-blow.

Jeb gave the left some talking points, insulting Trump and spewing his usual globalist pitch.

The President’s Sons Respond

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