No Consequences for Hillary Campaign Mole Peter Kadzik


Former Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik sought a Clinton campaign job for his son and then he shared case information with Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

Podesta’s friend Peter Kadzik was the DOJ representative chosen to head up a “thorough” review of the new Huma Abedin emails as revealed by a letter he wrote to Congress.  That was quite a coincidence given the Podesta-Kadzik friendship.

Using Gmail, not official government mail, Wikileaks exposed Kadzik’s very helpful “heads up” about Hillary’s email server investigation.

Prior to joining the DOJ, Kadzik was the attorney for the very corrupt Marc Rich as well as Podesta. In fact, the Clinton campaign chairman infamously wrote that Kadzik was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail.”

The Inspector General’s report mentioned that Kadzik used “poor judgment”. Euphemistic words serve as a cover for corruption. The DoJ can make violations and egregious acts into mistakes with the stroke of a pen.

The Daily Caller spoke to a number of experts who say he is unlikely to face any legal consequences for tipping off Podesta via Gmail while trying to get his son a job.

Regarding Kadzik’s conduct, former FBI assistant director Ron Hosko told The Daily Caller, “(B)ased on the findings of the IG, and their analysis, I don’t see Kadzik’s activities as a violation of law.”

“If there were some more affirmative evidence of a covert exchange, a quid pro quo like the passing of sensitive or confidential investigative information in exchange for the employment of Kadzik’s son, or Kadzik trying to influence investigative activity or outcomes coupled with a job request and response, then there might be a claim of bribery or obstruction of justice.”

“Here, though, I think the IG is making the strongest case, one of poor judgment against ethical standards that DOJ employees are expected to adhere to,” he added. “Within the FBI, one could face sanction for poor judgment and creating the appearance of impropriety.  I’d think DOJ would examine this similarly.”

Kadzik will continue on at the DoJ to corrupt the process yet again. This is how we get the Deep State.

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5 years ago

This is getting even more corrupt by the day. This was submitted by Mueller AND Weissmann.

Mueller has submitted a Motion to the Court “To Exclude Evidence or Argument”. The Motion moves for an order “precluding the defendant from presenting argument or evidence at trial”
(1) Concerning selective or vindictive prosecution or the motive and mandate of the DOJ leading the prosecution.
(2) Suggesting any Government investigation into Manafort preceeding the S.C. appointment ended with a decision not to prosecute him.
Accordingly, it is supposedly “not relevant” to questions to be resolved by a jury.

I read earlier that the majority of cases of wrongful convictions were overturned was because of Prosecutorial “misconduct”. The tactics in this Motion are consistent with Weissmann in previous cases whereby it was overturned because of misconduct on HIS part.

Aodh P O'Beachain
Aodh P O'Beachain
5 years ago

When shall the swamp be rid of the alligators?