No, crazies, Trump didn’t say Ali Velshi getting hit is a ‘beautiful sight’


The unhinged left is making false accusations against the President after his rally last night. One fake claim is that President Trump praised law enforcement for hitting MSNBC fake reporter Ali Velshi with a rubber bullet as he covered the “mostly peaceful protests.”

Actually, what the President did was describe antifa and then went into CNN’s fake news reporting about the mostly peaceful protests. He didn’t praise the police for hitting Velshi with a rubber bullet. He was praising the police, which is verboten to the left.


In the next clip, the President said the mob pushed Velshi aside and didn’t care he was hit. When he references “beautiful sight,” he is talking about the good guys, the police. He wasn’t calling Velshi going down a “beautiful sight.”


It’s not what he said and besides, getting hit with a rubber bullet is not horrible. Velshi constantly reports misinformation but in different situations.

Maybe Velshi will finally realize these aren’t ‘mostly peaceful protests’ and start reporting the truth. [Nah!]

This is the incident the President was referring to was a CNN reporter describing a fiery riot  as a “mostly peaceful protest.” He thought Velshi was still at CNN. He’s at MSNBC.


The left is just upset because their candidate hides in the basement:

The following are just a few of the nasty responses.

The rally and the joking set the unhinged flew off into their imaginary world where the President and the police are devils and the rioters are the good guys:

It’s not what he said but they don’t care about the truth:

This buffoon is still trying to get attention:

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