No, DJT is NOT “furious” and “angry” with his defense team


Reports of an angry and furious Donald Trump over his legal team’s defense are more fake news. Yesterday, Fox correspondent Kevin Corke reported that wo anonymous sources described his fury. We held off posting the story because we figured it was fake like everything else that comes from these anonymous sources. The anons want to make DJT look like a lunatic 24/7.

“Two sources in fact, who spent time with the former president today described him as being quote, ‘furious and beyond angry’ with his impeachment defense team,” Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke reported. “He was especially upset with attorney Bruce Castro, as you pointed out for his quotes, rambling opening argument. The former president spending the day watching the trial from inside his private quarters at Mar-A-Lago, no golf with the very same plan for tomorrow.”

“Meanwhile, at a time when he certainly could opt to reduce the political temperature in the country, Mr. Biden apparently is taking a pass, opting instead to not weigh in as his predecessors being impeached once again, despite what critics have called hypocrisy on the left, and a deafening silence from the White House,” Corke added.

Trump’s impeachment defense team didn’t win any accolades yesterday, especially Mr. Castor who spent his time praising Democrats and the Senate in a rambling presentation. It prompted famed Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz to say he has no idea what he is doing.


Fox News asked Mr. Castor about it during an interview.

“My reaction is you need to check those sources because that has not been communicated to me by the president or anybody associated with the president,” Castor said. “Including Mark Meadows, who specifically came to the Capitol yesterday to tell me don’t read news coverage.”

Castor added that Meadows told him that “everything is going fine” and to “continue doing what you’re doing.”

Castor’s 45-minute opening remarks were widely panned on social media. He praised the House impeachment managers for a job “well done.”


Castor told Fox News that his statement came at a time when he was “not planning to speak at all.” Basically, he wanted to lower the temperature.

“Yesterday was a pre-trial motion. It was supposed to be, according to the Senate resolution, a legal discussion on the issue of jurisdiction. We took the Senate resolution literally and were prepared to argue jurisdiction,” Castor explained, but acknowledged that “the House Managers deviated substantially from the mandate and made a very strong, and direct emotional appeal.”

“I have had 35 years of reading the expressions of people’s faces as jurors, and I could see that it had hit home,” Castor said, referring to Lead Manager Jamie Raskin’s opening remarks, recounting his experience during the Capitol riot last month.

Castor told Fox News that he knew what David Schoen, another lawyer on Trump’s defense team, was going to say and said he was “married to what we wrote in that brief.”

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