No Enrolling in UW Unless You Pass the CRT Quiz


The University of Wisconsin-Madison won’t let students enroll in their next semester classes unless they take the Critical Race Theory quiz and pass it.

Pause it when she puts up the groups because you are “privileged” if you:

  • Speak English
  • Are Middle Aged
  • Not Disabled
  • Christian
  • White
  • Cisgender
  • Heterosexual
  • Thin
  • Men
  • Middle or Upper Class
  • Citizens

And many more.

If you have privilege, you have fed institutional power and create harmful systems.

All of these traits are of any race…..get out of the cities. Watch:

This was written by one of our anonymous researchers.

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2 years ago

The answer to this is simple. Defund Universities. When Conservatives take over in 2023, and they will, Stop all State funding to racist Un-Americian Universities. Make Teachers and Professors take a Religion test and Patriots Test. Require a Prayer period and the Pledge of Allegiance in all Schools and Universities. Then the Congress should stop all funding for Government Backed Loans. Make the Universities make good on Student Loans, and see how many people pursue worthless Liberal Arts Degrees. Government funding of schools leads to Oligarchies and Dictatorships. Public Schools need to be replaced with a voucher system so parents can send their children schools reflecting their values and not be forced to put their children into Indoctrination Camps.

Call From Lamont Cranston
Call From Lamont Cranston
2 years ago

They are going to burn this country to the ground and then stand around with a stupid look on their mugs wondering why they are not loved.
I thought Apartheid was bad? Ohh…it depends on who is using it just like the Stalin quote about education.