Instagram Bans All Mention of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas


You may not even mention Project Veritas or James O’Keefe on the Instagram platform.James O’Keefe, banned everywhere, is an investigative journalist who exposes the Left. He relies heavily on whistleblowers and undercover work to get his information.

Recently, the FBI went to his home in a pre-dawn raid, threw him up against a wall and handcuffed him in his underwear while they searched his home and took all of his journalist notes and donor lists. They did it because Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary is missing. She said it was stolen. There are no government secrets in it, just embarrassing Biden tales.

O’Keege had very little involvement in the diary fiasco. O’Keefe was offered the diary and turned it into the police. That’s it.

Free speech and free press is dead in the USA. The treatment James O’Keefe is meant to intimidate journalists.

Currently, he is suing The NY Times and he’s doing well. The NY Times is a major propaganda outlet for the current administration.

The First Amendment is under assault by the Left like it has never been before in every area of our lives.

People don’t learn from history.

When the Nazis came to power in 1933, the German constitution guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Through decrees and laws, the Nazis abolished these civil rights and destroyed German democracy. Starting in 1934, it was illegal to criticize the Nazi government. Even telling a joke about Hitler was considered treachery. People in Nazi Germany could not say or write whatever they wanted.

Examples of censorship under the Nazis included:

  • Closing down or taking over anti-Nazi newspapers;
  • Controlling what news appeared in newspapers, on the radio, and in newsreels;
  • Banning and burning books that the Nazis categorized as un-German;
  • Controlling what soldiers wrote home during World War II.

Stalin didn’t have Photoshop, but that didn’t keep him from wiping the traces of his enemies from the history books. Using tools that now seem impossibly primitive, Soviet proto-Photoshoppers made “once-famous personalities vanish” and crafted photographs representing Stalin “as the only true friend, comrade, and successor to Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and founder of the USSR.”

Eventually, he went from erasing them from books to erasing them from existence.

One day a politician may have been in favor, the next he could be facing the firing squad as an enemy of the people. In Soviet Union, people were literally written out of the history books by using photo manipulation techniques.

After he came to power in 1929, Stalin declared war on Soviets he considered tainted by their connections to the political movements that had come before him. Beginning in 1934 he wiped out an ever-changing group of political “enemies.” Some 750,000 people died during the Great Purge, as it is now known, and more than a million others were banished to remote areas to do hard labor in gulags.

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