Don’t Need 5 Regents in NY — Cultural Competence, Global Citizenship Instead?


The State Education Department plans to devalue a New York high school diploma. Children will no longer take Regents and will be indoctrinated instead. At least that’s what the NY Post is reporting.

Gone will be the need for students to pass five state Regents exams to earn a diploma.

Instead, students will have to demonstrate nebulous “knowledge and skills” in seven areas, including “critical thinking,” “cultural competence,” and “global citizenship.”

There is no point in sending your child to school. Teach them at home or prepare to have an indoctrinated child.

What the hay is “cultural competence” and “global citizenship?” It sounds like the 1615 project and DEI. In fact, I am positive that’s part of it. Global citizenship is a UN tenet. Given that, they will likely learn all about globalism and the evil of patriotism.

If you care about your children, start screaming or leave New York. You have until November 1st to raise Hell and get the Regents to vote against it.

Illegal alien parents will be like sheep being led to the slaughter. Their children will be government dupes.

Democrat cities are a threat to democracy.

[This comes from a tabloid, the NY Post. Let’s hope they’re wrong, or it gets voted down.]

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