FBI Gaslights, Brags About Reduced Crime Stats Leaving Out a Lot of Crime


The FBI reported a significant decrease in violent crime across the United States, attributed to increased law enforcement funding and efforts. However, the data omitted major cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. Major cities aren’t reporting their crime statistics to the FBI.

The cities haven’t converted to the new reporting system.

Biden took credit for the non-existent decrease in crime. This is what he thinks he did:

After we saw the largest increase in murders during the previous Administration, I got to work. My American Rescue Plan – which every Republican voted against – delivered billions for public safety, and I signed the most significant gun violence legislation in decades.

Now, we’re putting more cops on the beat, holding violent criminals accountable, and getting illegal guns off the street in partnership with communities. I’ll keep fighting to fund 100,000 more police officers, and crime prevention and community violence intervention programs.

He probably doesn’t even know he didn’t do anything.


The NBC News headline: New FBI stats show ‘historic’ declines in violent crime rate, with murder showing sharpest drop.

The subtitle: While Philadelphia’s police chief is “excited” about what he sees in the numbers, he “is also very cautious that we don’t overstate and overestimate the direction we’re going.”

One of the lines from the article: The latest FBI statistics point to a “historic” drop in crime in the first quarter of this year, Attorney General Merrick Garland says.

Just what you’d expect from this ridiculous administration, especially Merrick Garland, their lies are getting more brazen. If you’re waiting for the media to keep us informed, you’ll wait a very long time.

A full 32% of police agencies didn’t report in 2022. That’s been the practice, so they know they’re lying.

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