No Proof of Voter Fraud But Here Are 300,000 Who Couldn’t Vote in WI


Democrats say there is no proof of voter fraud. If true, why don’t they join Republicans calling for an investigation to prove Trump wrong? The latest hint that there might be voter fraud comes from the AP itself.

Democrats do not want an investigation.

Kris Kobach, vice chairman of the president’s commission on voter fraud, said Monday that the group will look at laws that suppress voter turnout in addition to the claims of widespread fraud, The Washington Times reported.

“In addition to focusing on voter fraud and election irregularities, the commission will also be looking at claims of voter suppression, claims that certain laws suppress turnout, things like that,” Mr. Kobach said on CNN. “So, we’ll be looking at evidence of all of these questions.”

Yesterday, the AP was doing some hand-wringing over the 300,000 voters who couldn’t vote in Wisconsin since voter ID laws were passed. They found some isolated cases to suggest that the reason is voter ID laws are discriminatory against minorities.

The racist left thinks blacks and Hispanics are too stupid to get voter IDs. They say we are one of the few democracies (we’re not a democracy, we’re a constitutional Republic) that requires voter ID.

The New York Times D.C. deputy editor is also lamenting the turn of events.

It’s odd though that the Democratic National Committee requires photo ID.

It’s odder still that the NAACP requires photo ID for their marches.


Democrats caught stuffing ballot boxes.

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