No prosecutions if drugs, illegal guns, stolen goods found at a traffic stop


Soros State’s Attorney Kim Foxx introduced a draft policy that will greatly reduce prosecutions during traffic stops in Cook County. If illegal guns, drugs, or stolen property are discovered during a car search, prosecutors will refuse to prosecute. Traffic stops are where they catch many of these criminals.

Such prosecutions have a “disproportionate effect on black and brown communities,” the Soros-funded State’s Attorney said.

If they commit the crime, the fact that it is disproportionate doesn’t matter.

Routine traffic stops, including those where illegal weapons, drugs, and stolen property are found, will not be prosecuted.

“Doing these searches—again, searches that have a disproportionate impact on black and brown communities—that don’t have a net safety benefit, we should not do that,” Foxx said in an interview with a local Chicago news station.

Foxx is notorious for not prosecuting a third of the cases brought to her.

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