No Slow Joe, You Didn’t Get “Started” at a Historically Black College


Another day, another Biden tall tale exposed as just another lie.  This time it goes back to when he was campaigning for Black votes prior to the primary in South Carolina.

During a town hall event, Slow Joe simply fabricated a story he felt would improve his standing with minority voters.   “I got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State,” he told pupils at Wilson High School in Florence, which was founded in 1866 by the Freedmen’s Bureau for Black children seeking an education.

The lifetime pol, panderer, and pretender continued, “Now, I don’t want to hear anything negative about Delaware State. They’re my folks.”

However, the politician’s claim came back to haunt him when the university said he had only been a commencement speaker there decades after his start in politics.

“Vice President Biden did not attend DSU,” the college’s director of news service, Carlos Holmes, told The Washington Times.

In 1965, Joe Biden actually graduated from the University of Delaware, which is about 40 miles north of Delaware State University.

Maybe he got the two schools confused.  Given Mr. Biden’s mounting gaffes it’s a possibility.  Or could it be the former vice president can no longer tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t.

So is Joe Biden just simply increasingly prone to goofs, missteps, flubs, and blunders, or is he becoming increasingly out of touch with the world around him?

Either scenario is very, very frightening.




  1. This certainly isn’t the first time Biden lied about his education. He said he graduated at the top of his class, in a class of 85 he graduated 76th. He said he had 3 degrees, he has one a BA in History and political science. He said he had a full academic scholarship to attend law school at Syracuse U. He had a 1/2 scholarship based on financial need. He always been a liar now he’s a senile mentally impaired liar.

  2. Joe Biden has had more stops and starts than a 1804 John Deere tractor! None of Biden’s starts/stops produced and things haven’t changed.

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