NY Gov Cuomo doesn’t trust the FDA, could ban the vaccine


President Trump tweeted that Governor Andrew Cuomo “wants to put New York at the end of the vaccine list in that he doesn’t trust the FDA or Federal Government, even though the vaccines are being developed by the finest labs in the world. Wish he trusted us on nursing homes.”

Cuomo is responsible for many of these nursing home deaths, having moved elderly people with COV into nursing homes despite having the Javitts Center and hospital ship available. And despite knowing they were the most at risk. That crack by the President probably set him off.

Cuomo got away with killing the elderly in nursing homes. He won’t let New Yorkers use Hydroxychloroquine. He probably will keep us from a vaccine or make everyone too afraid to get it.

Why not? He does anything he wants to do. There is no one to stop him.

Cuomo told Reid, “I don’t trust the president and I don’t trust the FDA. … The vaccine, he said yesterday that the FDA was being political in saying they actually wanted to review the vaccine. So, yeah, the American people don’t trust the FDA. They shouldn’t. Trump has politicized this entire situation. He’s overridden health and science with politics.”

He is also claiming the President is threatening him by saying Cuomo wants to put New York at the end of the line. It’s not what the President said.

Cuomo is lying here:

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