No, the President didn’t say he’s willing to kill a million Americans


The U.S. press is attempting to divide Americans from Dr. Fauci and the President from the doctor. Some want to silence the President by not covering his press conferences. Expect that idea to spread as the President’s poll numbers continue to rise.

The press thinks the President fires anyone who appears disloyal or is more likable than he is, and that is what they are going for. It’s not true. President Trump is very loyal and doesn’t listen to the press. They’ve tried this approach repeatedly and failed. Vice President Pence is still the Vice President, Kellyanne Conway is still chief counsel, Mike Pompeo is still Secretary of State. People leave for all sorts of reasons.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has loyally served Presidents of the United States going back to Ronald Reagan. Beware the press that attempts to set up a divide. Decide for yourself.

The clips of Dr. Fauci rolling his eyes and shaking his head are almost always and maybe always taken out of context. They don’t hold up under further examination.

The press wants Dr. Fauci fired. That is all the more reason to trust him. He generally makes the President look good.


The President didn’t say he would have all Americans going back to work by Easter. It’s his target date because of its special religious significance. He has also talked about partially opening those areas of the country that are not as afflicted as New York. He said yesterday:

“I think Easter Sunday and you’ll have packed churches all over our country, I think it would be a beautiful time, and it’s just about the timeline that I think is right. It gives us more chance to work on what we’re doing and I’m not sure that’s going to be the day but I would love to aim it right at Easter Sunday so we are open for church service and services generally on Easter Sunday, that would be a beautiful thing.”

“He is not sure that is going to be the day,” he said clearly. He said after the interview that he will rely on the experts and he is not committed to Easter Sunday.

The press is reporting that Easter Sunday is definitely the day, claiming he’s willing to kill millions. This is the clip:

The media is insinuating that he is willing to kill people. The President knows a prolonged quarantine will destroy the middle class, and he’s hopeful we can get back to business by Easter. He did not say definitely. The media should report this accurately.

Vox only reported the President wants Americans to flock to church on Easter Sunday, calling the President dangerously confused.

Look at what this former Today show producer wrote:

Even setting up an optimistic goal is fodder for the media.


The testing is behind so we have to see how that goes. We don’t have a clear picture yet.

The cure can’t be worse than Cov-19 and there is an acceptable level of risk. However, the virus is still spreading and there is no known cure — there might be — but we don’t know for certain — and there is no vaccine. Many more will die with Cov-19 than influenza and Cov-19 is not like the influenza.

The flu kills about .3% but this new illness Kills about 1.2% (we think), more than ten times that of the flu. It will kill a million people in only a few months.

The President is relying on the Surgeon General, the head of the CDC, the head of the National Institutes of Health, and various other experts to give them informed opinion and also facts.

Nations that went on with their lives, like Great Britain, are now shutting down. Even Prince Charles has Coronavirus. Italy didn’t ban China and with their horrendous single-payer healthcare system, they are paying the price.

People are going to die but a million people in a few months is not an acceptable risk. The President is buying time while cures are developed. There is hope with hydroxychloroquine and a z-pack, but in the meantime, we need to stay in place.

The President is being advised correctly and he is balancing the economics with the lives of Americans. The media makes dumb comments that even if we save one life it’s worth it and that throws people off. We are actually saving a million people who would die over a course of only a few months.


The President’s staff are mapping data to figure out a way forward. Some areas can be open for business. All we hear about lately is New York. It is a disaster and that was, in part, brought on by New York.

New York City’s mayor is incompetent and expected the President to fly in and run his city for him. The New York City Health Commissioner was claiming Cov-19 would not spread in a community on February 6 when everyone knew it was spreading in communities:

The city officials told the Chinese residents to hold their celebrations of the New Year in February when everyone knew that was a bad idea but the city officials.

There is also the fact that half the city is foreign and might have done a lot of traveling.


New York’s Governor Cuomo blamed the President for his shortfall in ventilators, claiming only the President can get them, but in 2015, he decided not to buy enough ventilators for a potential pandemic.

The media and some politicians must want us all to die. They continually do all they can to destroy this President.

Watch these people lie. The President never said what they are accusing him of saying:

The President is correct in mapping regions and looking to where business can resume instead of one-size-fits-all. His goal of Easter is great. Everything he is doing is good and wise.

Trust the President. He makes great decisions.

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