Non-Racist Fact! Kamala Is Descended from Slave Owners


This brief report is aimed at straightening out the stories going around the media.

Kamala Harris was born in the United States and moved to Canada at age 12 with her mother when she divorced. She moved back to the states as an adult. Kamala is eligible to run for President. Berkeley schools said she was in the a class that was bussed.

Kamala Harris’s platform includes reparations, but the irony of that is her family once owned slaves on their plantation in Jamaica. Kamala does not share the American Blacks’ painful heritage of slavery. The 2020 presidential hopeful is American and she is half-Black and half-Indian heritage. She is Jamaican American and Indian American. What she is not, is the descendant of American slaves.

In January, on Jamaica Global Online Kamala’s father, Donald J. Harris, writes, “My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) and to my maternal grandmother Miss Iris (née Iris Finegan, farmer and educator, from Aenon Town and Inverness, ancestry unknown to me).”


Her father also took exception to her use of identity politics to score political points.

In February, Kamala suggested to the Breakfast Club that she and Jamaicans in general are big pot smokers. She wants to see marijuana legalized. Her father was not pleased and wrote:

“My dear departed grandmothers(whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents , must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics. Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.”

He didn’t like the stereotyping and using her family to do it as an excuse for passing legislation.


Henry Whitely wrote a pamphlet about his time in Jamaica, and he wrote about visiting the Brown plantation. He witnessed slaves being punished by Brown’s overseer.

Henry Whiteley wrote:

The first was a man of aboUT thirty-five years of age. He was what is called a pen-keeper or cattle herd; and his offence was having suffered a mule to go astray. At the command of the overseer he proceeded to strip off part of his clothes, and laid himself flat on his belly, his back and buttocks being uncovered.

One of the drivers then commenced flogging him with the cart whip. This whip is about ten feet long, with a short stout handle, and is an instrument of terrible power. It is whirled by the operator round his head, and then brought down with a rapid motion of the arm upon the recumbent victim, causing the blood to spring at every stroke.

When I saw this spectacle now for the first time exhibited before my own eyes, with all its revolting accompaniments, and saw the degraded and mangled victim writhing and groaning under the infliction, I felt horror-struck. I trembled and turned sick; but being determined to see the whole to an end, I kept my station at the window.

The sufferer, writhing like a wounded worm, every time the lash cut across his body, cried out, “Lord! Lord! Lord!” When he had received about twenty lashes, the driver stopped to pull up the poor man’s shirt (or rather smock frock), which had worked down upon his galled posteriors.

The sufferer then cried, “Think me no man? Think me no man?” By that exclamation I understood him to say, “Think you I have not the feelings of a man?”

The flogging was instantly recommenced and continued; the negro continuing to cry “Lord! Lord! Lord!” till thirty-nine lashes had been inflicted. When the man rose up from the ground, I perceived the blood oozing out from the lacerated and [illegible] parts where he had been flogged; and he appeared greatly exhausted. But he was instantly ordered off to his usual occupation.

There were many victims, just like this man, according to Mr. Whitley.

Whiteley’s account goes on, describing one victim after the next, including women and young boys. It is truly sickening to read. Brown didn’t stop after the Jamaican slaves were freed. He attempted to make the Irish work on his plantation but failed when he was accused of trying to enslave more people, PJ Media wrote.




  1. Shame on Kamala Harris for ignoring her ancestry and their slave-owning, slave-abusing factual, provable history, while she grandstands, demanding retribution from today’s taxpayers for the wrongs committed by HER ancestors. Kamala is a lying, hypocritical, leftist politician who will say and do anything to advance her political career, no matter how false her words and actions are. Fork over that retribution money, Kamala. According to eye witness Henry Whiteley who wrote down what he saw when visiting your ancestors’ plantation long ago in Jamaica, your ancestors’ very cruel overseer severely whipped and painfully tortured at least one plantation slave for a small infraction. How many others did he punish with the whip? The recorded mistreatment of slaves on your ancestors’ Jamsican plantation means you owe HUGE reparations. Pay up or shut up.

  2. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. You could not make this up. Forgive me for suggesting that Justice here seems strangely divine. Kamala just got Trumped by the revolution, which does eventually devour its own.
    Kamala Harris is not only a biological mixture of Jamaican Maroon (black slave) and East Indian, SHE IS ALSO DESCENDED FROM ONE OR MORE WHITE SLAVE OWNERS. Check Wikipedia. Hamilton Brown.
    IN JAMAICA, KAMALA HARRIS IS CONSIDERED TO BE A WHITE WOMAN, although she’s also a Coolie Baboo (Jamaican slang for part East Indian. (I apologize for the local slang, but racists love color, don’t you?) Her father and his family are all considered to be (essentially) white people in Jamaica. They are simply described as Jamaican, a neutral term that avoids mentioning one’s apparent racial make-up.
    Racial hatred just caught up with Kamala. God bless all Jamaicans and protect them from the mental illness that has infected the Democrat Party here.
    Now in the States, thanks to CNN, poor little Kamala is in racist limbo, not dark enough to be black, not a real negro’s negro, and somehow now un-American because she’s not descended from an American Slave. Oddly enough, she is probably descended from one or more pure negro slaves who were taken directly to Jamaica from Africa. Would a DNA check show a close family relationship to Roots author, Alex Haley, or Kunta Kinte? Was she ever photographed at a Bob Marley concert? Has Kamala no racially redeeming features to satisfy the racist mob?
    Are the Democrats at CNN now hopelessly racist? Do Kamala’s White Irish Slave Owning ancestors now disqualify her for political office as a Democrat? When are the black racists going to realize that all racism is intellectually and morally wrong? The Democrat Party is now the party of class and racial hatreds and civil wrongs. But then, it always was. Just ask Joe Biden.

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